How To Find the Best Realtor

questions to ask realtorWhen you decide that you want to buy a house, one of the first steps that you can take is to find a real estate agent.  But how do you find a good real estate agent?  Well, you can ask them several questions when you’re interviewing them to find out which real estate agent is the best fit for you.  Here are the top three questions to ask real estate agents:

1.    Why should I choose you over other local realtors?

If you’re dealing with an exceptional real estate agent, he or she will be completely ready to list reasons why he or she is best for the job.  Some key words you are looking for are: honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable.

2.    How will you find me the house that’s best suited for my needs?

You deserve to know the process your real estate agent will be taking in order to find you the perfect home.  By asking this question, you’ll get a feel for how many houses you will be seeing, whether or not you will be competing with other buyers and how your personal preferences will be translated into home showings.

3.    Can I review the documents before I choose you as a real estate agent?

This question is huge.  If the prospective agent says no, he or she is most likely hiding something.  A nice, truthful real estate agent will have no problem letting you see the documents that you would need to sign because he or she will want you to have the maximum amount of information possible before you make your decision.